August 4, 2015

Try a Meeting Over the Web

Meetings On the Web
You can try a meeting on the internet, or I should say over the internet and save travel time as well as money due to the lack of travel expenses.
It is possible that you can do the same thing in person that you can do online with the computer? Yes it is. Lets begin to have a meeting with a remote office and not burn fossil fuels.

Software Meetings and Control

meetingAny presentation can be done through online meeting software also. What you can do with software that allows you to have an online meeting is substantial in terms of features. But what is most interesting is that you can also give them control of the computer and try out the product or service you’re selling.

Video Conferencing
A videoconference or video conference (also known like a videoteleconference) is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which permit two or more locations to interact via two-way movie and audio transmissions simultaneously. Other problems that some people talk about are eye contact because conferencing systems take that away. With a videoconferencing system that goes away simply because you cannot truly make eye get in touch with with the personal the other end from the conversation. If you talk to or give presentations to 10 or 15 a month and do not have to travel that could
be a huge savings.

In some cases, the presenter may speak over a standard telephone line, while pointing out information being presented onscreen, and the audience can respond over their own telephones, speaker phones allowing the greatest comfort and convenience. This option is available if you prefer not to use the computer microphone.

In Conclusion
I wonder that if you saved money by having a meeting on the internet you may get a raise, one can dream.

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